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Joey Venturini

Sales, Short Hills


  Since I was a little boy I was interested in all things fashion. I never really fit in with the other boys at school who were liked cars and playing tag. I was more excited by what jacket I would wear with my new brown penny loafers. When things got tough, I would run to my Grandmother's house to escape. I can vividly remember sitting with her flipping through Neiman Marcus catalogs. She would tell me about every designer; what was good, what was bad, and what was inspiring. Fashion became my escape, and I fantasized that it would one day become my career. I studied fashion merchandising at LIM College in New York City, and previously designed my own women’s collection in 2010. I completed an internship with Alexander Wang in 2012 and have been in retail for over 7 years, including as an assistant manager for the Parisian brand Sandro. What I enjoy most about my job as a sales stylist is having a woman come in that needs my help to find the perfect look. I love the personal relationships I have built and the way that fashion can completely changed a person's outlook on themselves and the way they feel in their outfit. In the end, fashion is still a fantasy to me every day and I love working in the industry and sharing that connection with others.