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Laura San Fillipo

Manager, Online Store & Marketing


I studied Business Management & Marketing at the University of Miami. During my time at school, I developed an insatiable passion for photography. Doubtful that I would be able to combine both skills into a career, I was pleasantly surprised when an opportunity at DoubleTake Boutique opened somewhat serendipitously for a web manager. My job allows me to combine my passion for photography and background in business, as I am responsible for taking photos of the merchandise for our website as well as managing our online business, marketing and advertising. When I started at DoubleTake, I didn’t know much about fashion, and I couldn't spell "Louis Vuitton" correctly. With the help of all the girls at DoubleTake, I can now confidently point out the differences between a Speedy and Papillon handbag! I may be known by the fashionistas at DoubleTake as "web girl," but I’ve come a long way in terms of my knowledge of fashion and trends, channeling this information to provide our customers with our hottest items on the web each week.