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Lauren Massamillo

Sales Manager, Red Bank


"Fashion repeats itself. It's not really a going ahead of fashion, but a way that we expose things differently as time reinvents itself. The result is very editorial, fresh and fun."- Vogue

The continuous cycle of fashion is something I studied and observed very closely throughout my 4 year education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Consignment is a way in which we are able to recycle and re-purpose the things that we once loved, but have outgrown in terms of style and taste. What intrigues and inspires me about this facet of the industry is our ability to find the beauty in the old, and transform our vision to make things new again. I love the opportunity that DoubleTake provides me to observe this cycle of fashion on a daily basis. Even more so, I love watching the way our customers are able to find unique pieces, and style them in a way that is both unique, and entirely their own. It is a beautiful cycle, and one that I am very grateful to be a part of. Working at DoubleTake has allowed me to apply my experience and my passions towards an element of the fashion industry that I truly admire and appreciate.