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Sam Hererra

Operations, Short Hills


As a child I knew I wanted to be involved with fashion.  I loved watching my mom get ready in the mornings.  I would copy her makeup, her outfits, and walk around in her shoes.  I would spend countless hours flipping through magazines, cutting out outfits that appealed to me and posting them all over my bedroom walls.  In 2011 I began working in a high-end women’s boutique.  Instantly, I knew I found my passion.  During the production of Project Runway, season 11, I had the amazing opportunity to style one of the contestants for her finale interview.  Working with someone so passionate and excited about fashion fueled my inspiration.  I spent several years as a Sales Manager where I was then able to transfer into a buying role.  Attending fashion markets around the country, buying women’s apparel, accessories, and shoes, was an unbelievable experience.  When I joined the Operations team at DoubleTake, I was excited to learn a new aspect of the industry.  Each day I come to work I learn something new.  I am constantly intrigued by what comes through the door and feel lucky to be able to explore this unique aspect of the industry.